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Thread: Helen 2 Wheels bag fabric delamination

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    And to top if off she is just a really nice person.
    If I remember right, didn't she haul "bouncing bob" home (Ohio??) after his getoff at Branson a couple of years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1flyer View Post
    If I remember right, didn't she haul "bouncing bob" home (Ohio??) after his getoff at Branson a couple of years ago.
    Yes, that is correct. She's done that a couple times. Uh... to clarify, Bob just one time, other riders, other times
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    Quote Originally Posted by hcmiller52 View Post
    I bought several pieces from Helen last year at a couple of the rallies. I love the stuff: well thought-out and functional. Appears very durable, too.

    Last night, upon my return from the DownEast rally in Maine, I unpacked my large duffle, in which was packed my sleeping pad, bag, pillow and parka and, to my horror noticed the interior waterproof coating was shredded and peeling from the cordura - or nylon - outer fabric, rendering the bag totally useless. This was the second time I'd used the bag. This delamination/shredding is at the roll-top portion of the bag only, where there is obviously lots of stress on the fabric.

    I know Helen will stand behind her product, and perhaps this is simply the result of a bad batch of fabric (boy, I'd hate to have to eat the cost of production because of bad fabric!!!). I also noted a similar problem with my tent bag, but to a far lesser extent.

    I sent a note to Helen and heard back from her within an hour! She had a bad batch of fabric and is replacing the bags, no question. Said she was sorry for me having to deal with it and the new product is great. Where have you ever hear of service like this? While others would take the goods back, they'd always add: "we've never seen this happen before." She's really great and so are her products. I just hope this bad fabric doesn't cost her too much!
    I thought this was going to stay between us, Curt! :-)

    Your new bags should ship today.

    For anyone else who might be experiencing a similar problem... I can only fix it if I hear about it. If you have ANY problems with ANY of my products, Please let me know. That includes special personal lessons on the Helen Quick Release Method... as opposed to Helen's Catch and Release Method... all together different stuff!

    And don't listen to what Bud says about ice cream sandwiches!

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    Helen rocks!

    Quote Originally Posted by 1flyer View Post
    If I remember right, didn't she haul "bouncing bob" home (Ohio??) after his getoff at Branson a couple of years ago.
    Yes she did. When I got back from the hospital, my bike (or the remains of it) were loaded in Helen's truck and my trip home planned. She even made sure I took my pain meds on time (something about having to beat me if I started whining on the drive home).

    She even took a shift in my room to help me out of bed when I needed to use the facilties, or wanted to walk around.

    Fellow riders were awesome. On scene even before the police and before I was loaded in the ambulance, trailer to take bike to hotel. I even had an offer from someone to go home and get his plane to fly me home.
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    Thanks for the post on H2W.

    We used 2 of her roll bags on our cross-country, 3-month trip last year and they performed beyond expectations. Excellent product. Good to know she stands behind her brand. I've recommended her products to many others. I'll buy H2W again.

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