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Thread: Bike to bike walkie talkie

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    Just wondering - How well did they work???


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    Motocomm use

    I have used them, extensively and also the last version of the Autocom. The Motocomm is OK, particularly if you can stay below about 55 mph. The signal to noise ratio is simply not as good as the Autocom and when the noise rises (ie. more wind noise) it becomes unintelligible. For sure above 120km/h (err, 70mph?) and really dropping off above 80 km/h.

    Not bad for $50 but the Autocom is significantly better (using the same Motorola FRS radios).


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    Motocomm Sidekick SK-1000 Motorcycle Rider Communicator

    I bought two of these so my wife and I could talk, either two up or each on our own bike. They work on the same frequencies as the more expensive mounted radios, however you can take them with you when you get off. The work well and we have been happy with them.

    Motocomm Sidekick SK-1000

    The link is just so you can see what it is. Look around, you may find it cheaper -- I know I did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 98lee View Post
    Motocomm headsets w/mike and push-to-talk and complete harness $49.00 from

    GRMS/FRMS Motorola radios from COSTCO $49.95 a pair with chargers. Will work on any station that your buddy's $500 chatterbox will.

    Reception is fair not great. Range is a couple of miles. For $150 for two bikes, you can't beat it.
    Motorola used non-industry standard 2.5mm jacks just a few short years ago, making it impossible to interface to their radios without dissecting Motorola's own "headset" wire (earbuds with a mic) to attach to a helmet headset. Has this changed?? There were adapters available for a short period, but they quickly vanished.
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