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Thread: ZUMO 550 Mounting Options

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    ZUMO 550 Mounting Options

    I'm curious what mounting options people are using for the Zumo 550; I'd love so see some pics.. The riser mounts see to be a little tall and block vision.. I'd love something closer to the instrument cluster..

    i'd love you see the setups you guys have -


    06 GS1200

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    You might want to look at one of these from Touratech:

    They make nice mounting solutions for GSs. You can add the bar above, or add a cross bar to your handlebars, or even mount it to the handlebar yolk. For my money, higher is better. You're looking over the windshield anyway.

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    I used a the migsel on my R12RT. I've rarely use the speedometer on the bike any more since this is barely a glance away.

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    I posted some pictures of a RAM mount here:

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