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Thread: Summer Glove Alternative

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    Summer Glove Alternative

    My son is a highschool football coach and he gave me a pair of Nike Dry Fit linemans gloves. I wore them on a 380 mile ride today. Temp in the mid 80s . They were fairly comfortable and my hands did not sweat very much. The palms have a very good grip on the handlebars. Don't know how well they will slide in a crash. Wide receiver gloves would work to, but the linemans are more heavly padded.

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    Marsee "Eagan's"

    Sounds interesting...............but I'd never give up my Marsee "Eagan" vented deerskin summer gloves!!!!!
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    So many here,BUT;

    I have BMW summer ones, fingerless other ones(several kinds) and some home made work gloves turned into biker gloves that probably work as well as the ones I've spent up to 80$ on. I made the leather work gloves into summer gloves by slicing the backs and sides of the inner fingers, with razorblades, did a fine job at turning inexpensive work gloves into decent summer riding gloves. Vented easily with a razorblade I like simple solutions and some really come out neat, doing a fine job This is one of those successful, glove things I did. I put three, two inch long slits in the backs of the gloves and some shorter slits in the inner sides of all the finger parts of the glove. If you are wanting a quick simply, cheap summer glove, try this on for some satisfaction and go to lunch on the money you save..Better yet, gas up the bike and go to lunch on your savings. Randy13233

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