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Thread: How do I register and why should I?

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    How do I register and why should I?

    Registration is pretty easy, just click the "register" button on the upper right and you'll be taken to a screen that will collect some information to build your profile. You can provide as much or as little as you'd like, but we'll need one item from you in every case - your MOA membership number. It's right next to your name on your copy of ON, or it's on the little card that's buried in your wallet.

    Once you've registered, you too can join in and post, send private messages to other members and be an active part of the community we're building here. You just might meet some friends you didn't know you had!

    If you want to join the MOA, visit the MOA home page by clicking on the logo at the upper left. You'll find links there that will get you signed up.

    Important!: While you start your registration on the forum, you'll need to complete one more step before you can post.

    The Forum will send you an email with a link in it. You need to click the link to complete your registration and be able to post.

    Welcome aboard!

    Your BMWMOA Forum Team.

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    How do I register

    Interesting.. clicking to respond to this thread got me in. This was almost as baffling as the problem I am trying to resolve in getting my GS to run properly.

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    Need help getting associate logon

    My spouse is an associate MOA member #62737 and has tried unsuccessfully to register. We thought it was because we shared the same email address, but after setting up her own unique email, she still cannot register. She entered her MOA number and the recommended password (5 letters of last name and zip code) but gets this message: Your login or password is incorrect or has expired.

    Also tried to logon by entering her MOA number and reseting the password, but it said her email address did not match the MOA database. I emailed MOA to get her new email address added to the MOA database, but never heard back.

    Can you help?
    Paul Mulhern
    MOA# 56330
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