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Thread: Event Schedule?

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    Cool Event Schedule?

    I am SO excited about this (my first) rally! I have planned a (mostly) two-laned route from Van Buren, Arkansas to the dairy state, and I'm ready to leave right now...

    Question: Is there an event schedule for the rally available, or is it still in the development stages? I have noted a committe for an 8K foot race, and that intrigues me. I know, I'm a glutton for punishment! Also, I have relatives in the area, and I would like to plan visits around the rally schedule...

    If the schedule is forthcoming, just verbally slap me down and I will behave...

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    Event Sked - The Rally

    The event sked will appear in the July Owners News, and also in the official rally program book you get at the Rally. In addition, we'll be placing it on the website within the next week or so.

    Media Editor

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