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Thread: Camping in Kansas Flint Hills

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    From MARS

    Camping in Kansas Flint Hills

    If you are traveling through Kansas on your way to the rally, I have a place where you can rustic camp for free. There is enough room for 50 or more if you want to use this as a meeting point to group ride up. Please let me know if you think you might want to take me up on this offer so that arrangements can be made. I can be contacted here or am in Elmdale, Ks. which is located on US HWY 50 just 25 miles west of Emporia in the Flint Hills of Kansas.
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    I pass through the flint hills twice a week, too often on the interstate I am afraid, they are beautiful rolling hills that you might expect Matt Dillon to come riding over. It may be a little warm in July but an evening on the prairie will be remembered.

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    From MARS

    Camping in the Kansas Flint Hills

    Feel free to stop in anytime. If you, or anybody else, find yourself around Elmdale and need to get out of the weather or just want to take a break, I have a spot for you. My place is located 2 blocks South of Main St. on Spruce. It is known locally as "The Treehouse". You'll see why. Since this forum is for rally info, I'll say no more, but I did want you to know that the offer of free camping is not limited to just the rally.

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    Kansas has hills? WHERE???

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    From MARS
    Not only are there hills, but a national park as well. Aren't we special?

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    Yes, we are ; )

    Thanks for your kind offer. I'd love to see the Treehouse!

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    Kansas Kamping

    Thomas, Elmdale hun? Do you know Kip and Barbara Wells?

    My loving bride and I go thru there every once and awhile. We'll look you up next time.

    Ahhh, Kansas. It's as big you think it is!
    Rob Lessen

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    From MARS
    Rob, You could not have picked two better names to have dropped to break the ice. They have been good friends since shortly after we arrived in Elmdale ten years ago. I regularly stop in at the Elmdale Trading Post to seek Kip's insights. He was especially supportive of my recent purchase of the 1895 stone elementary school in Elmdale. Many of the ideas for the Ripple Effect Project have come from discussions with him and Barbara. Stop by the next time your out this way. As you know, this area is overrun with that v-twin motorcycle. It would be nice to have some Beemers around.

    Voni, I hope you have the opportunity.

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    camping space?

    Thomas: Would the offer of camping space extend to 2 or 3 Nebraskans who might be riding down for the first Sunday in Cassoday? I try to make it down there at least once a year. Just haven't found "the place" to camp in that area.
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    From MARS
    Sure, Jim. I don't know if this is "the place" you seek, but it is darn sure "a place". I was a cruising sailor for awhile and still operate under the cruiser code: First anchor down has that spot, and the last boat into the anchorage has bragging rights about their trip. I look forward to seeing y'all. (Did I mention I'm from Texas?)

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