Years ago I watched a very good friend present a seminar on public relations strategy. She was speaking on the subject of writing Press Releases, and she walked out on stage with a child's ballet Tutu in her hand. Holding it up, she announced to the audience the Tutu rule: two pages is too long!

What a great mnemonic!

So, Press Release... Forum Moderation Policy... the Tutu rule seems to apply.

A number of folks have indicated an interest in the contents for a policy on the use and moderation of our forum.

So, I encourage you to comment here. However, keep in mind the Tutu rule: if your entire policy takes more than a page... well, a page and a half at most... then it's too long, and no doubt overbearing. (that would be a page of 8.5" x 11" paper with 1.5-2 linespaced text.)

The policywriting is in process... now's the time to have a say.