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    The Tutu Rule

    Years ago I watched a very good friend present a seminar on public relations strategy. She was speaking on the subject of writing Press Releases, and she walked out on stage with a child's ballet Tutu in her hand. Holding it up, she announced to the audience the Tutu rule: two pages is too long!

    What a great mnemonic!

    So, Press Release... Forum Moderation Policy... the Tutu rule seems to apply.

    A number of folks have indicated an interest in the contents for a policy on the use and moderation of our forum.

    So, I encourage you to comment here. However, keep in mind the Tutu rule: if your entire policy takes more than a page... well, a page and a half at most... then it's too long, and no doubt overbearing. (that would be a page of 8.5" x 11" paper with 1.5-2 linespaced text.)

    The policywriting is in process... now's the time to have a say.

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    During WWII Winston Churchill demanded that all memos sent to him be no longer than one page.

    One page for the moderation policy is an admirable goal. The rest of the administrative necessity may be put in exhibits and appendices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PT9766 View Post
    And most of what he wrote, not only his books but his speeches, were more than a single page.
    well... we're not talking world war II here... although sometimes i wonder.

    the main goal is to get a brief, friendly english language policy for use and moderation of our forum.

    and... member contributions welcomed.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    So can I go with my four rules in life then?

    1. I am not prejudice, I hate everyone equally
    2. If you are not sleeping with me, I do not care who you are sleeping with
    3. Do not see anyone you work with, without their pants on
    4. When in doubt, be polite and give people the benefit of the doubt

    These are pretty much my version of the rules to live by, they are humorous (to me at least) versions of some common sense thing

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    "Tutu rule...."

    Do unto others.....

    [All the rest is appendices]

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    In deference to the Tutu Rule;
    Moderators Characteristics: Fair, Mature, Sense of humor, No personal agenda, Not looking for a stepping stone to something else at MOA, Able to discern sarcasm and play from personal invective, Introspective, Excellent people skills, Genuine vs. disingenuous manner, Independent thinkers versus politically motivated "finger in the wind " pols, Able to check own verbosity
    Term of moderation: One year in, one out, before reapplication.
    Selection: Invite members to volunteer and create a list. Poobahs of forum get first crack at list, from then on it's by the numbers. Expand the number of moderators per category to odd number i.e. 3.
    Banning: Not a unilateral decision regardless of your level of self importance. Due process of private and personal warnings and probation unless intolerable behavior as determined by common sense rule. Records of PMs sent to Poobahs of Forum if banning based upon these interactions. Decision to ban is a function of discussion among 3 mods plus oversight by Poobah. Tied decisions go to member.

    That's all for now.


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