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Thread: mystery rubber cover

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    mystery rubber cover

    does anyone know what the small, flat rectangular rubber "patch" ( approx2 inches by 3 inches) is for on the front center fairing on my 1981 R 100RS? I thought it might be some sort of access cover, but I am not sure for what. I forgot to install mine when I put the fairning back on and as I was trying to put it in place I was wondering about its use.

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    Why thats the Dood-a-ma-hickey

    for the thing-a-ma-jig.

    I also don't know what that rubber plug is for. The steering damper is directly above it. Maybe it is for access to work on the dampener??
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    It is an access cover for the steering dampener.
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    about all you can do is peek through it to see if your steering damper has puked. to remove the damper, front panel and the small one above have to go and the lowers have to be at least loosened.
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    That little tiny hole allows you to pop off the clip that holds the cup to the ball for the steering damper. Necessary when cleaning/greasing the steering head bearings. Which I did last week.

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