An invitation was offered and the ride on. Several of us would
meet at Phil's Seafood in Moss Landing. Moss Landing is just
South of Santa Cruz and North of Monterey.

Riders were coming from LA, Santa Rosa, Los Gatos, San
Jose and Sacramento. Just to name a few of the places.

For those of you that haven't been to Phil's, I recommend it

The day started out overcast and cold. This column is usually
very bright. The dark sky saps the color from the picture.

Seeing this, I opted for the "low road". Riding through Uvas
Canyon, I pass Calero and Uvas Reservoir.

Eventually, I arrive at Highway 152 and begin the ascent to
Hecker Pass and the Mt. Madonna Inn.

Imagine my surprise when I get to the top and it is sunny and

Riding through the small town of Watsonville on my way to
Highway 1, I am thankful for the warm weather.

South on 1, I search for the stacks that tell me I've found
Moss Landing.

A turn onto Sandholdt Road and I find Phil's. You should find
Phil's too!

Riders arrived, food was ordered and the talk began.

Healthy portions of tasty seafood!

All too soon, it was time to leave. Rider's planned their routes
and said their good byes.

What was amazing to me is that this was loosely organized and
about 15 or so riders made it to Phil's, enjoyed each others
company and some great food. Me? I just showed up and met
some really cool new friends.