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Thread: Mounts for Zumo GPS

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    Mounts for Zumo GPS

    Where can I get a Mount for a Zumo that fits either the handle bar of a 99RT1100 or the top of the Front Brake Reservoir?

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    Mounts for Zumo

    Try Ztechnik, Touratech or GadgetGuy. Post pictures when you do mount as I am considering all of the above.

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    Guest on 04 K-GT mounted on windshield supports.

    You can use the same type of mount between the handlebars using his hardware in place of the pinch bolts of the handle bars.

    If you use a brake reservoir, it will use a ram type mount. The you have to check clearance of GPS and windshield / faring.

    I chose because I do not like RAM mounts.

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    BMR Products makes a few mounts that can work.
    They have a slotted bracket that can mount on a shelf or a cross bar bracket for your dash as well.

    Just my opinion, but I think it's better to have a GPS mounted high and over your dash rather than on your handle bars. High up keeps your eyes on the road ahead instead of looking down. Straight ahead and static is better than a GPS moving around on your handle bars every time you're in a turn.

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