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Thread: Canadian Trip

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    Canadian Trip

    My SO and I will be repeating a trip we took 18 years ago. Last time we were hurried but this time we are going to take our time. We will be leaving SCenteral Pa and travelling up through NY. Then into Canada and up around the Gaspe Peninsula. back down through NB through Maine where I was stationed in the service. Any suggeations on what to see in and around the Gaspe and points South Thanks
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    We rode around the Gaspe last June, and I would love to have had more time to spend there. It is a very beautiful area. Same goes for all the rest of our cross country trip. I don't really know what to reccomend for sightseeing, but I would suggest brushing up on your french skills before heading into the Gaspe. We found the people to be very patient and understanding with our (my) limited French skills. Actually my command of the french language is speaking loudly with an imitated french accent. Fortunatly my wife has somewhat more knowledge of the language than I do. In fact she spent a short time in the Gaspe during high school on exchange. She was a bit rusty with it, but she got us through Quebec fed and sheltered. I would have had to relied upon junk food from gas stations to feed myself and sleeping in rest stops without her translating for me. The experience made me realize that before I would plan another trip through there, I will try to improve my French skills. I would highly reccomend to anyone to go there, but be cautioned, the roads are not all in the best of repair. We encountered some of the worst road conditions of our nearly 10,000 Km trip in that area. JKust slow down and enjoy the wonderful sights.
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    I say this after going to Canada every year for bike trips since I starting riding:

    Canada rocks eh?

    Have fun on you trip. I'm hoping to hit the maritime provinces this summer if I can find the time/money to do it.

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    I can't comment on routes in Eastern Canada but I can suggest that all the state and county roads in the Adirondacks are a must do as well as Route 100 and the gap side roads in Vermont.

    Your trip sounds like a dream come true for me.


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    If you are going far enough west,do not miss Niagara Falls,it is awesome and worth the trip.

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    Originally posted by B52G
    Last time we were hurried but this time we are going to take our time.
    Good plan! I toured Eastern Canada this past August and 13 days just wasn't enough.

    Originally posted by B52G
    Any suggeations on what to see in and around the Gaspe and points South.
    Do the complete 132 around the Gaspe.

    The coastal road from Cambellton NB all the way to Nova Scotia only offered limited views of the ocean, but it was a nice relaxing road to ride.

    There is more to Nova Scotia than just the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton which is all I had time for before heading over to Newfoundland.

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    While in Cape Breton, check out the
    Fortress of Louisbourg

    I hope you get the weather I had.

    For pics of my tour, check out my web site.

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