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Thread: Do I feel smart or what?

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    Do I feel smart or what?

    Well, today I went for a ride... nothing unusual. I remembered the local BMW Motorrad club meeting was tonight. So, through rain, thunder, and even more rain, I took the bike. Got the gear on, then put on my rain gear.

    After riding through somewhat heavy rain to the place. I go inside and took off my gear. I look around confused. Its 6:30pm, and the meeting starts at 7:00pm, usually there are some people there to eat early and not wait 20 mins for their food. Anyways, the waiter comes up and asks what I want to drink. I ask her if there is a BMW Motorcycle meeting tonight. She goes and looks... comes back, Nope, not one in the book, no one called or made reservations... well darn. I call my father and ask him... He tells my its the fourth MONDAY of the month... not WEDNESDAY! Man do I feel smart. I just ridden my bike through somewhat heavy rain... and come to find out it was a waste of time... but ohh well. I had a fun time, the tempture was nice atleast.

    I guess I'll have a story to tell them next month.

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    If you were going to ride in the rain, you should have come to BRANSON!

    We missed you ; )

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    Did I tell you ...

    Did I tell you the three things that happen when you get older?

    1. You start to forget things.
    2. You start to repeat yourself
    3. I can't remember the third one.

    Did I tell you the three things that happen when you get older?

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    Don't feel stupid. I missed my 25th or 30th high school reunion (you see I can't even remember which one) by showing up all dressed up with my wife on Saturday night at the restaurant instead of on Fri.. The funny thing is that there were other couples (2) that did the same thing.

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    Oh, Farmer Ted. At least you got a good ride out of it...even if it was raining.

    I agree with Voni. You should have ridden to Branson. It was a HAIL of a good time!

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    That can happen TED!

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