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Thread: Repair of fiberglass fairing parts

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    The fairing pieces are a fiberglass filled plastic. Epoxy putty works well. Here is a finished example.


    Ralph Sims
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    These are very nice examples of glass work. I'm mucking around on a broken fairing. It would be great to take the bike out of service and do a nice job like I've seen here. It doesn't seem likely right now, but these are positively inspiring.

    Plus, thanks for the link to Anton's site. His example of fixing the boss (is that what he called it) is part of what I need.


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    Aquamend white epoxy putty is what I'll use

    Thanks for posting the before & after photos, Ralph. Nice job and color.

    I'm going to try some Aquamend epoxy putty (same stuff as Devcon or Fast Steel putty but dries white) that I picked up at Home Depot. I'll do the belly pan first to make sure it works alright. I don't plan on reinstalling that so if its not right I can try something else---but I suspect it will be just fine.

    FWIW, I'm going to start a new thread here soon; "K75S paint project" most likely as I've already started pulling the tupperware off in preparation for a brand new coat...

    ex: K75S Berlina R100GS/PD , K100RS , R75/5 , R60/2

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