I did a search of all threads and didn't find an answer to my question.

Does anyone have any experience repairing fiberglass fairing parts? The previous owner of my K75S had a very low speed low-side that put a bit of rash on the right upper fairing and a couple of cracks that go all the way through the side of the belly pan.

I spoke with a friend who owns an autobody shop and he described a laborious and messy process of cutting out the bad parts and filling in the voids with many many alternating layers of glass and epoxy. He said I'd be itching for days if I attempted a home repair of fiberglass.

Has anyone discovered or invented a shortcut? I would think that it would be easier to put some sort of patch on the back to hold the severed pieces together, and then use some sort of filler to fill in and conceal the cracks.

I'll take some photos of the damage I'm trying to repair and upload them a bit later, as I'm sure that would further clarify the scope of my project.