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    Thumbs up tent

    can anyone suggest a good two man tent, that is compact to carry and easy to put up.

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    Based on this Forum...

    I picked up a Eureka Apex 2TA from I bought from reviews that I read online as well as some recommendations from this forum. The price was right, the size and ease of installation seemed right, plus I got a $10 rebate.

    I bought it specifically for motorcycle camping.
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    Smile tent

    thanks for the info, I looked it up, that helps alot.

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    There are a number of good tent threads on the site that you can access through the search feature. MOA members are tent aficionados. But here's what I look for in a backcountry / biking tent:

    1. bathtub floor i.e. a minimum of seams in contact with the ground
    2. goody bags inside to put stuff in while sleeping
    3. both end walls zip right down to the floor, from the inside
    4. inside hooks to hang a drying line from
    5. roomy vestibule
    6. light weight (not a concern for bike only use)
    7. generous fly overhangs to keep rain out when end walls partly down
    8. tent has a fly

    For motorcycle camping, pick a tent that will give you lots of leftover inside room to keep your stuff dry while sleeping: i.e. for solo camping, pick at least a 2 person tent, for 2 person camping, pick a 3 person tent. You can't have too much interior room. There's at least one guy in MOA who comes to the rallies with a tent big enough to park his bike inside.


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    I have the Apex 2TA as well, it's a good tent for dry weather camping. I will probably be buying the 2XT (which is much the same tent but with a fly that covers the doors) before my next big trip in June. The small fly version leaks a bit through the zippered doors. The next model up in the eureka range is the Pinnacle, similar but design lighter weight.

    The 2XT:

    The 2TA:

    Something I look at in tents is pack size. One nice feature the Apex line is the 18" long tent poles (folded size). Every little bit helps when you are packing for the long road.

    Since getting divorced, I have been traveling solo but I wouldn't want to travel with anything less than a two person tent. The extra space lets me bring my roadcrafter in out of the weather plus anything else I might not want to leave outside. Back in the day when I had a traveling partner we used a 3 person tent quite happily. Susan rode her own bike so space for packing was less of an issue than it is for the solo rider.
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    I reccomend

    the Coleman 7x7 Sundome. It's got all the good features, I used on exc;usively for 7 years and they cost between $39 & 49.

    Once in Death Valley it rained hard and the tent was dry inside.

    Not an expedition tent, but a great almost all around high value, easy to put up, cheap tent.

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    Ditto on the Eureka Apex. I have been using one for 3 years now and like it so much I just got another Eureka..the Tetragon 7 three man tent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rinty View Post
    For motorcycle camping, pick a tent that will give you lots of leftover inside room to keep your stuff dry while sleeping: i.e. for solo camping, pick at least a 2 person tent, for 2 person camping, pick a 3 person tent. You can't have too much interior room.

    This is perhaps the best advice I have heard on tents!! I travel alone and always take a two man tent with vestibule. Comes in hady on those rainy trips. Always choose a tent that is one size (person) more than will be using it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by proctor View Post
    can anyone suggest a good two man tent, that is compact to carry and easy to put up.
    A similar Eureka model is the Pinnacle Pass except it has aluminum poles. The 2 person model of each of these packs small enought to tuck into my side case.

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    Eureka Apex 2TA

    Eureka Apex 2TA This tent is the best. Two people and plenty of room. Best of all fits in my top case no problem.

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    REI Taj 3. Been using it for a couple of years and it has performed flawlessly in everything from rain to frost to heat. It was one of the tents to be unscathed by the Lima storm. I'm 6'4" and this tent is very nicely roomy for me (they call it a 3-person but let's be real here), and in clear weather you can leave the fly off and the mesh roof is sheer enough to be able to see the Milky Way. Plenty of inside pocket-space. The footprint and fly can be erected independently as a mini-shelter. Very well-vented. Elongated-hex-shaped base is easier than a rectangle to get a level spot of ground for. Was a bit pricey, but like a BMW motorcycle it's worth it.
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    Our Mountain Hardwear Hammer Head 3 has survived another gully washer at the Big Buck GNCC races a couple weeks ago. HARD rain, wind and T storms and not a drop of H2O. Stormed so bad it totaly trashed a bunch of easy ups.

    Lots of room for 2 with gear good venting and DRY


    They have a 2 person version but the extra 10sq ft is worth the slightly bigger packed size.


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    I purchased a Eureka Performance Backpacking 2-person tent (Pinnacle Pass 2A) last year prior to my trip to the Vermont Rally. I wanted something that was very compact when stowed and fairly roomy when up...this tent does that. I really loved this tent. It was easy to put up and very well made for the money ($120). It came with aluminum poles rather than the fiberglass found on cheaper tents.

    I would recommend that you also consider purchasing some sort of canopy. When I was at the rally, it would have been really nice to have had some shade/protection from elements...sun and occassional down-pour.

    Good luck in your quest and safe riding!

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    The Eureka Timberline is very light, takes less than 10 minutes to put up and has plenty of room for one. It's called a two man, but two people would be crowded. I recently used it for a two day trip and was very pleased with it. It was only $99 from
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    Try Campmor. . .great prices and good selection. I to use the Eureka.

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