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    BMW Competition 450 Anounced by BMW

    This was released on the BMW German and French press sites today.

    PressClub Germany

    BMW motorcycle tests new concept in the competition. Employment of the 450er sport Enduro in the Enduro world championship.

    Munich. The commitment of BMW motorcycle in the area haven has a long, successful tradition. To it the residents of Munich with capacity-strong machines tied like the HP2 Enduro and now their activities also on the attractive 450 cubic centimeter capacity class will expand. For pure test purposes therefore to 28. and 29 April a BMW team on a new Einzylinder Sportenduro will start with both runs to the Enduro world championship of the class E2.

    The prestigious competition takes place in the southSpanish Puerto Lumbreras and meets the world-best Sportenduro drivers including their machines. In this hard surrounding field BMW motorcycle becomes its new, for which developed motorcycle concept on heart and kidneys test sporty employment. Drive as chassis-laterally offers the machine innovative technical solutions, whose competitive ability is to be proven.

    As drivers the Offroad professionals Joel Smets and Sascha Eckert could be obligated. They will contribute with their experience and authority to optimize the technology of the new motorcycle. Exclusively for this purpose BMW team will go in the course of the season 2007 even when far renowned running to the start.
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