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Thread: Tank Bag for 1100GS

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    Tank Bag for 1100GS

    Looking for a tank bag... what would you recommend? The original BMW Multivario? or Touratech, RKA, Roadmaster, POLO Enduro and Bagster are other choices. What's better/best? Thx!
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    I have a Nelson Rigg. I like it a lot. I bought it from MAWonline


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    Wunderlich Sahara with the attached panniers, if you want to carry a lot.
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    Thumbs up Icon Urban Tank Bag

    I have used the Icon Urban tank bag for about a year now and I have been very impressed with the quality & versatility, not to mention the huge space.

    You can use it two ways:

    Tank Bag (duh)
    - 4 strong magnets to hold it down.
    - Rubberized textured bottom, provides good friction.
    - Clear vinyl top for maps.
    - Large main compartment.
    - Two medium side compartments, and smallish bottom compartment.
    - Strap for your triple tree snaps in to the front of the bag prevent it
    from sliding back.

    - Nice adjustable straps that are stored in a zippered compartment on the top.
    - One-hand strap on the top of the bag.
    - Rubberized flap turns over to hold your helmet securely underneath the bag.
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    Marsee Corona Tankbag

    I have the Corona bag. It si great for commuting as it has a quick release. I have the soft bag and have attchments for both my 1150 GS Adventure and my RT1100. It carries like a little suitcase. very convenient. Check out:
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    Tank Bag

    I always recommend RKA-best for service and easy to talk to for recommendations. Their pproducts are online at

    Richard (R of RKA) drives a BMW bike too, and understands our needs especially.

    I have an 11 liter tankbag and the small sport bike saddle bags on order, shipping black on black for my Yellow and flat Black F800S, right now, set to ship 4/27/2007. I can hardly wait.

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    +1 on RKA.

    I just got my 19l RKA Shiloh bag today that I ordered for my GSA. I didn't like how other options (TT, etc.) required sticking velcro on my bike, and the BMW bags are just too darned big (and spendy too!).

    The RKA bag is excellent quality, and I opted for a few customizations as well. I actually can't believe they don't charge more for the RKA bags. They're really worth it! The 19l Shiloh fits my GSA really well, and I didn't even have to take the crossbar off the handlebars.
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    I have an expandable RKA. Good quality and I can use it on the GS and LT. Downsides: woefully small map holder, and opaque raincover.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JKERSH1 View Post
    I have an expandable RKA. Good quality and I can use it on the GS and LT. Downsides: woefully small map holder, and opaque raincover.
    I noticed that the map holder on my RKA comes completely off and there is velcro on the raincover so you can put the map holder on the outside. My RKA bag map holder is also bigger than the one on the Cortech bag I use on my K75.

    We must have very different model RKAs...
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    Best Bang for the Bucks

    Podsobinski's unofficial consumer reports Wolfman to be the best buy. All the features and it fits really well on the GS tank. . .check out the price.

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