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Thread: Where is a good Pancake House?

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    Where is a good Pancake House?

    Is there a good pancake House near the Rally site? - Love those pancakes!!

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    Detroit has great IHOP's

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    Breakfast recomendation would be the Mine Shaft in Hartford, about 7 mi away.

    Not a Pancake House, per se - but a FULL RANGE of breakfaasts available.

    There be IHOP around too - but you'll have to find them on your own for today. Gimme a month or so and I'll try to have one found out for you.

    Foodspot works well for restaurants in the area.


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    The Sawmill Inn is three exits south of the rally grounds on the west side of Hwy45. Not a 'pancake house' exactly - but they have pancakes and a great atmosphere.

    Sawmill Inn
    1729 Wolf Rd
    Richfield, WI 53076
    (262) 628-4128

    Hi Morgen! Nice to see you on the forum!!
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    The nearest IHOP is in Brown Deer, WI. Google maps shows 19.5 miles to get there from the rally site (about 26 minutes). Map/directions here

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    Pancake House in Madison. Not all that close to the rally but a nice RTE. I'd be happy to organize an RTE for pancakes (the place is usually hopping so I'd have to make arrangements ahead of time for a larger group) so let me know who's interested and I'll call them up and reserve some seats.

    Millie's though not a pancake house per se is still good eats. Same story, not really close to the rally site but we can get there in roughly 90 minutes.

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    Cool not a pancake house but.......

    a cracker barrel in Germantown 15 miles away
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    On Site Pancakes:)

    I think IHOP should come on site and do a ton of business! Yeah...The "Lions" Organizations usually love to do this sort of thing, too for fundraising,etc...I've been to west coast rallies where they have put on some good chow for breakfasts...Somebody surely should ask them Randy13233

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    984 miles away in Princeton New Jersey for those that want to detour is PJ's Pancake House , 157 Nassau Street

    The best dang pancakes in the country

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    On your way to the rally, try Mr. Pancake, in Lake Delton (Wisconsin Dells).

    Great blintzes!

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