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Thread: Are F800's considered Thumpers? I don't think so...

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    Are F800's considered Thumpers? I don't think so...

    I know MOA has now dubbed this main thread the G & F bikes since the 650's are no longer the only parallel-based engines. That being the case, if an F800 is not a thumper, can the "sticky" thread title be changed from "Post a Picture of Your Thumper" to something more universal to all G & F bikes?
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    The board morphs by member‘«÷s post. No thread for posting pictures of thumpers existed until Russ started it. Want a thread for the F800? Start a thread with the title and post your pictures. Others will follow and eventually it will be made a sticky.
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    I would venture to say it would be better as a "Sticky" if it was just a picture of your [bike] with a short comment.

    No long ride reports.
    No distracting cages.
    No dialogue about how great it is.

    Just a nice picture of someplace you took it.

    But that's just me.


    Oh yeah, what to call them ??? "Thump-Thumps" maybe, "Thumperettes" nyah, "ThumperX2" , "Really badass vertical twins" I just don't know...

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