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Thread: "Best" mesh jacket?

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    Take a look at Vanson mesh jacket, it is very nice here in Florida, elbow, shoulder, and back armor included.

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    bmw venting machine

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    I've been looking at the Olympia stuff at the local dealer. While I really like the Venting Machine from BMW, the price is not where the Olympia is - in my range.

    On a related subject, anybody know if there are any studies done on Hi Viz motorcycle clothing and if it is affective to prevent accidents? In my search, I have come to the conclusion that I will be getting Hi Viz but I have that little demon in my mind saying it will make me look dorky and provide no benefit. Dorky aside, I just want to be safe and ride and ride and ride and ..... you get the point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aaaaaa View Post
    bmw venting machine
    The newest BMW offering is the "Comfort Shell" I think it is called. It has a membrane created by Swiss textile specialist Schoeller which breaths freely when it is warm out and closes up when it is cool. It is WATERPROOF. I can attest to that. I wore it the first time in the rain, and I also felt the air coming thru more than ever felt with the GoreTex bonded cordura suits. They liken the membrane to how a pine cone reacts to temperature where the leaves spread out with heat and close up with cold. The jackets and pants come in all numbered sizes. The woman's suit is cut for a woman with a shapely waist and a slight flare out over the hips.
    The armor in this suit is the latest with the back pad wrapping around the kidney area, light and flexible, The elbow pads cover the fore arm, and the shoulder pads cover the collar bone. The pants come with hip armor installed and the knee armor extends down over the shin area. The jacket and pants have waterproof zippered pockets as well as two inside pockets in the jacket. Truly the best spring, summer, fall suit so far...
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