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Thread: Signal Mirrors for $9

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    For those of you wishing that drivers behind you would notice your signals better, here's a neat solution that has worked well for me for a year now.

    Though Muth Corporation makes signal mirrors for the K1200LT, they are hundreds of dollars, plus the install. Don't get me wrong - it's a fine item. In fact, if you go to their web site, the pictured motor officer endorsing their product is yours truly.

    A red signal activating at the eye level of the driver behind you has proven to be far safer than your amber signals, usually mounted near the rear tire, and unfortunately too low.

    CIPA makes a product called "Add-A-Signal" and it costs $8.99. It is simply a set of arrow-shaped LED signals that stick on to your mirrors, and is wired into the turn signals of your bike. When you activate your OEM signals, the mirror-mounted arrows activate as well, and they are BRIGHT!

    I mounted mine at the lower corners of my R1200RT, with my BMW technician wiring them into my bike signals in just minutes. With no wires showing, they stay put in rain, snow and all temps. $300 signal mirror-capability for just $9 !

    I had bought mine at Wal-Mart years ago, holding them for my 'retirement bike.' Since I don't see them in the automotive department anymore, I feared they were no longer available. But a little research on the Internet, and here they are:

    Look for the CIPA line, and then look under Auto Accessories. Simple.
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    Try using

    Works better for me anyhow.
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