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Thread: Helmet Venders at National?

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    Helmet Venders at National?

    With the Arai Quantum/f going on six years old, I am considering a new lid. Can I expect to be able to have opportunities to view and try on helmets at the national rally? I've never had a flip-up and would love to check out the fit and feel of some of them in person.
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    Seems that I recall from the last 4 Rallys there were plenty of helmets to try on but not all brands represented. I am also looking for new lid. Personally I am waiting on a white flip up with a sun visor. Nolan does not work that great for me, Shubert is nice but heavy and $, ... Caberg is comfortable and functional but comes only in Gray in the US from what I have found. Arai does not make visor flip up model anymore from what i understand. HJC is my fav but no visor.

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