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Thread: Hotel Cancellations?

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    Hotel Cancellations?

    I am trying to get a room for July 10-12 at either the Hampton Inn (civic center) or the Marriott (town center) and they are all booked. If anyone is going to cancel please notify me.

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    I would like to second the request after Joe, of course. Thanks. if anyone does cancel.



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    Hotel cancellations

    While the two hotels Joe 111 mentions are filled up, there are still hundreds, if not thousands, of rooms within a 10 mile radius of the Civic Center. Charleston is not like some of our previous Rally sites where you had to travel up to 60 miles away to find a available room for the Rally.

    I hope people aren't going to start complaining because they can't find a hotel room one block away from the Civic Center

    Call Judy Ward at the Charleston Convention and Visitors Bureau at 800-733-5469 to reserve a room nearby the Civic Center from the block of rooms the MOA has arranged for our members convenience at many of the area's lodgings. We've already done the footwork, all you have to do is make one toll free call.

    Just another reason this year's Rally is in Charleston, WV.
    See you there soon.
    Ride fast safely

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    I am the proud owner of a room at the Marriot with two double beds. Watch Ebay in the days leading up to the rally where I will attempt to finance my entire trip by auctioning off the spare bed to the highest bidder who is hard of hearing and has no sense of smell. Happy Bidding!

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