And succeeded, partly.

See, a friend just bought a GS Adventure and wanted to get it dirty. That part we managed well enough. But we also wanted to ride up to the summit of Reddish Knob, highest point in northern Virginia, but we didn't accomplish that goal.

A succession of quick and nonstraight paved roads led us to here, FS87.

And things started out well enough, with mostly smooth and hardpack dirt or gravel.

Pretty soon however, we started encountering a bit of mud and then ice in the shadier spots. We continued up the hill.

After more mud and a number of switchbacks we rode free of the trees into a ridgetop clearing with views of the Blue Ridge on either side. Nice.

Things quickly degenerated from there, with the snow and ice covering the road. After a few hundred uphill yards of both-feet-on-the-ground-as-outriggers "riding" we conceded that conditions were not going to improve with more elevation so we stopped.

If you think riding uphill on ice is fun you should try it going downhill! No bikes were dropped or harmed in the making of this folly.

Once down below the main ice elevation, we tried a few other trails but determined they were also fairly unfriendly to 600-lb. "dual sport" bikes, especially ones like mine with street tires.

So we gave up on the dirt and enjoyed a very spirited ride toward home along some of the twistier bits of pavement the Virginia DOT has on offer.

Sure beat watchin' the Redskins!

Happy New Year, all!