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Thread: M/C Boots

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    M/C Boots


    I would like to purchase a pair of M/C boots with REAR Zippers. Since I cannot move my right ankle, it is the only way I can get into a boot .

    I have tried Bates Fast Line Boots but they won't work for me.

    Any suggestions?


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    Aerostich Combat Boots?

    Not truly rear opening, but have you looked at the Aerostich Combat Boot? It looks like it would open pretty wide and would be a lateral twist with the knee.


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    Many motocross boots will open quite wide as well. When I had an ankle injury a couple of years ago I was still able to get into motocross boots. (I wasn't able to ride, but found them quite supportive for walking around.)

    Motocross boots feel as stiff as a plaster cast when new, but once broken in they can be quite supple and comfortable and can make very capable (and very protective) road boots. That's particularly true of the "lighter" motocross boots, i.e., those with more leather and less of the rigid plastic panels. I have a pair of AlpineStars M6 boots that I just bought specifically for (mostly) road-riding -- still wearing them around the house to break them in.

    Anyway, might be worth a little shopping trip to see what's available, see if they might work for you.
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    If all else fails you could probably get a shoe-repair shop to modify existing boots and sew in a rear zipper for you.
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    Someone above mentioned the Combat Tourer, I use them and they are pretty wide open down to the ankle, where they require a push. You can get them on from various angles, but don't know if it would be enough for you. Very comfortable boot, for one that is almost knee high.

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    try this - not sure if "special calf-adjustment" means anything for you but maybe...

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    I was looking at all the pretty stuff in a brand new Aprilla/Mot0Guzzi shop here in Manhattan last Saturday.

    They feature Dainese gear and there was a Dainese boot with dual zippers on either side of the back so the back of the boot would fold down. It did not fold down completely but the heel piece left should not create more of a need to bend the ankle than for a regular lace up oxford type shoe.

    I looked a bit on the net and couldn't find anything that showed the dual zipper thing I saw - but I did see it
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