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Thread: Wires for dummies

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    Wires for dummies

    I have all the "stuff" on my bike I want now I want to clean it up some.

    How do I run the power for a GPS and a Satalite radio directly to the battery?
    I imagine I want to use something like this fuse block

    But that is really where my knowledge ends.

    how have you guys and gals done it?

    BTW, that was probably a lie, I can always have more "stuff"!


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    That's how I did it, except I used a less expensive fuse block from West Marine.


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    Check out Eastern Beaver (wierd name). He has lots of explanations. I like the miniature fuse boxes. I bought his headlight relays, and they were easy to install.


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    Wires for dummies

    1st, you don't want to wire directly to your battery!!! Too many issues.

    You want to wire in a fuse block of some type- I have used several- pick your poisen and make sure it will fit where you want it to. Some will not..!

    You then want a relay in the system that is wired so that it makes the fuse block HOT when the ignition is on. I have done this in several ways. On the RT, I used the wire off the "Parking" light up front to get a wire that goes HOT. On my LT, I use a wire I found under the seat.

    With this arrangement, the fused circuits will not be HOT when the bike is off. This makes sure your accessories don't drain the battery.

    Also, if you over-load a circuit, the fuse will protect the rest of the bike.
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