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Thread: F/G 650 - Mirrors: Alternatives

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    F/G 650 - Mirrors: Alternatives

    Maybe I'm the only one ... I doubt it ... but the factory mirrors on my (former) F650 GS were not long for survival on dirt rides, and now I have the G650 with the same mirrors waiting to be broken. Plus, they're unsightly. I'm sure this has been trod over before, but may I ask for recommendations for replacement mirrors? Thanks!

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    The best advice I can give is to make sure your mirrors aren't tightened down all the way so they can "give" a little when you fall. I doubt anyone has dropped an F more than I have in 8 years, and my mirrors are fine. (A little scratched, but who looking?)

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    I gotta' agree though, the mirrors are a little goofy looking...

    Yah', got scratches on mine as well...

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