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Thread: Olympia 1 pc

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    Olympia 1 pc

    Does anyone know anything about the one piece suit from Olympia called the Phantom.

    My son-in-law told me about it. He heard that it was as good as the STITCH at half the price. Also if anyone knows where they can be purchased.

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    Thumbs up Olympia 1 Pc. Suit

    Go to, theres a review on this suit. Looks very nice. I own 1 of Olympias jackets and like it very much. If I didn't already own a 'stich I would probably give the Olympia Fantom a try.
    Dave Rudzki

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    Order direct

    Go to and there is a dealer locator and a number to order direct. I have a jacket and pants ordered direct and am well pleased with the product and the service.

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    I looked at the phantom at my local dealership. Looks nice and seals tight.

    One thing though, I couldn't figure out how I would route my Gerbing liner power cord?

    Anyone have this suit yet and figure this out?


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    ITs basically the AST jacket and Ranger 2 pants made into on suit. I saw it at my lcoal dealer yesterday. It looks pretty nice.

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    There has been an ongoing thread on the Phantom on ADVrider,

    You should find answers to your questions plus some real world experience. If I had not just purchased an Olympia AST jacket, which I love, I would be looking at the Phantom.

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    Hubby just got one and so far he loves it!

    Nicely waterproof. Rode in fairly heavy steady rain for 30 minutes at highway speed with NO leakage. He got the screaming neon yellow version (my EYES! my EYES!!).

    When we met some friends at the local pub - via motorcycle - the hostess commented that he looked like a lightning bug as he took it off.

    From an outsider point of view, that sucker has an IMMENSE amount of velcro to fasten/unfasten. Which would make it impossible to get in and out of quietly (say at a campground, etc.)

    That said, I'm seriously considering checking it out for me.

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    olympia ast

    I've got the AST jacket in the hi-viz yellow as well. Nice piece of gear and HIGHLY visible for sure...maybe the only jacket that can be seen from space. I bought it for commuting in Detroit rush hour traffic. after watching last week's news I may install a kevalar bullet-proof backpad. Haven't tried it in the rain yet..only wore it on a week long trip around the lower pennisula and around town some at the end of last year...

    Although I generally like the jacket, and the "velcro-holding-open-the-vents" concept is a great idea, I find all the velcro to be a bit much. really hard to use with gloves, and not so easy without. lots of pulling and sticking and re-pulling.

    More wearing is definately required to see If I can adapt. I'm hoping opposable thumbs, the ability to make and use tools and a big brain will be enough. for riding this year so far, I've been in my Darien.


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    If the vents stay open better than those on my Kilimanjaro, I just may have to get me one of those Olympias. Sure liked the one I tried on at the shop a couple of weeks ago.
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    I can't say enough good things about my AST. Warm in 30 degree weather and comfortable in 90s. I f I hadn't bought the AST and ranger I might look at the Phantom. But I like the choice of only wearing one of the pair. I have been dry in major downpours except for my neck.

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    Olympia Phantom

    I just received mine today and the fit and finish is first rate. Thanks to the guys at Olympia the size is exactly right!! We have had a LOT of rain in Northwest Louisiana so I will get to test it in the very near future. Cool weather testing will have to wait until the first trip to the Rockies.
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