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Thread: tank bag front anchor points?

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    tank bag front anchor points?

    Ref '02 1150RT,,,,,,,,At a ralley last year I heard somebody talking about using the two upper gas tank? bolts to anchor the front tank bag buckles. These 2 screws are just forward and below the end of the seam where the two major tupperware panels hook on the tank's top plastic cover. Can these screws be removed and reinstalled with the nylon belt skewered and clamped in place with a big washer or?
    TIA anyone.

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    Tom what brand and size of tank bag do you have? JON

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    Hi Tom,
    I saw a guy at the MOA rally who had done just that.
    Frank G.
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    Thanks for the info.
    Happy New year
    Ride safe
    Ride often

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