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Thread: Neil Peart BMW ON

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    Neil Peart BMW ON

    Yeah Neil is all that ,great drummer,writer,motorcyclist...

    I read the ON in leisurely fashion as you can see.I just got to Shahram Shiva's article with accolades and went DOH!!

    No,Peart's daughter and wife didn't die on the same day,read his very moving book about it!!(Ghost Rider).

    Just goes to show ya!!
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    I agree, a great read, inspiring!

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    You know, I have been reading the crap out of this months is just a great issue for a lot of reasons. But, not to knit-pick, two things jumped out at me. One was the incorrect reporting that Shiva gave on Peart's wife's death. She died one year after their daughter. The other is the ongoing lack of proofreading and poor syntax. I love Shiva's writing so I'll give him some slack. I have not contributed to writing for the ON myself, so I will not complain too much about editing...but missed sentences, incorrect grammar, tense, etc... has been ongoing.
    Dave, Vince, et al...please korrect the speling an grammur.
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