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Thread: Morning Reads: 28 March 2007

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    Morning Reads: 28 March 2007

    Todays Birthdays / Calendar

    News: Dingman named AMA President/CEO.

    A warning on the limits of multitasking

    With the news of H-Ds expansion into the India market the brand should see long term sales increases. In the short term that means it may be time to buy a Harley, stock that is, with the current price The Neander turbo diesel motorcycle is getting nearer to roll out. Lehman rolls out a winner in the ǣPitboss. More information on the S&S wedge engine. The Brits are getting closer to allowing motorcycles to use bus lanes. KTM SuperDuke pictures. The Brit magazine asks if the bike sales slump is over.


    From Secret Soviet plans for the complete removal of the North American continent.

    Strange Maps is a site featuring cartography oddities. It has only been since September 06 and often has some fun things.

    Feature: lists the 10 best places in the WORLD to catch a buzz. Check out number 10. I wonder if Boxergrrlie is behind this ranking. We will have to work on raising it next January.

    Blog Update:

    This update from Helmet Hairhttp://may be dangerous to post. Don...<br /> <br />]World of BMW off-road coarse off to a flying start.

    BMW Group Press Club:

    Tracking the news from BMW at their English language sites and Germany

    PressClub USA


    Woodcliff Lake, NJ - March 27, 2007... MINI USA and SIRIUS announce that SIRIUS is available as a factory installed option with a lifetime subscription on the all-new 2007 MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S hardtops produced beginning this June. And the lifetime subscription stays with the car from one owner to the next.

    The factory-installed option will be available for an MSRP of $950, which includes the lifetime subscription. MINI USA will also offer SIRIUS with the lifetime subscription, as part of its upgraded Audio Pack that also includes MINI's Hi-Fi sound system, for an MSRP of just $1,400.

    PressClub Canada

    Injury Research International: BMW of North America announces partnership with US Injury Research Centre.

    Munich. BMW of North America announced a partnership with the prestigious William Lehman Injury Research Center at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Centre to create a nationwide, multidisciplinary Accident Research Project (ARP), which will partner BMW's esteemed engineers with trauma experts in the medical field. Together, the teams will conduct biomechanical accident analyses that will aid in the determination of the cause of injuries in crashes. Their findings will in turn be used to develop new safety features in future BMW cars.

    "BMW is proud to fund this collaboration with the William Lehman Injury Research Center and the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Centre and to underscore our commitment to safety," said Tom Purves, President of BMW of North America. "BMW already features the highest standard of active and passive safety features. This project will allow us to raise the bar even higher."

    "More young adult lives are lost each year to trauma than to disease in the U.S.," said Dr. Jeffrey Augenstein, Director of the Ryder Trauma Centre, which houses the William Lehman Injury Research Centre (WLIRC). "This study of real world crashes will directly translate into safety features and information that will save more lives. We are thrilled to partner with BMW for the venture."

    BMW first saw the impact of using real world accident analysis to refine product design three decades ago in Germany. In1976, the Bavarian police began reporting severe accidents involving BMWs to the carmaker and continue to do so today. BMW used the information provided by the police to upgrade safety features in its vehicles.

    Today, BMW takes another stride forward in improving and creating state-of-the-art safety technology by using real world accident research from U.S. roadways. This project takes a multi-disciplinary approach pairing BMW's engineering prowess with the medical trauma expertise of the UM/Jackson Ryder Trauma Centre. BMW and the trauma centre will dispatch a team to inspect damaged vehicles after an accident and then through an accident reconstruction and a biomechanic evaluation of the injuries, the real world performance of the vehicle will be discussed. The results will be constantly fed to various development departments for further enhancements in the design of BMWs.

    "To supplement safety development by analyzing real world car accidents is a sophisticated approach to safety, but it gives us the most effective tools to make a safer product when it counts most - in a real world accident." said Peter Baur, Head of the Accident Research Program in the U.S. "While a great knowledge base is available from our research in Germany, we decided to conduct intense research in the U.S. as well considering the differences in the traffic environments."

    Advancement of Head Protection.
    BMW already has dramatic proof of the value of accident research. In 1997, BMW was the first car manufacturer to invent the Head Protection System (HPS) based on their accident research. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) recently published a study stating that head protection systems with torso side airbags reduces death on nearside side-impact crashes by 37% and side airbags without head protection by 26%. BMW's HPS is just one of many advancements that the company has offered its customers first. It is a key example of how the carmaker's real world research has affected safety implementation in all BMWs.

    PressClub Germany

    Translation by Google Translator

    ǣThe Boxer on the Boxer. Profiboxer Virgil ǣQuicksilver Hill to guest with BMW.

    Munich. ǣLet??s GET ready ton rumble! it is called not only to 31. March with the Boxkampf between Henry mask and Virgil Hill. The pleasant box professional from the USA met with his BMW work attendance on past Friday a savings ring partner of the special kind: New BMW HP 2 Megamoto.

    The 43 year old American is an admitted fan of the white-blue mark and used its stay in Munich, in order to learn with a guidance the Produktionsabl?ufe in the passenger car work from first hand. With the new HP 2 Megamoto met one another then also still two sizes ǣbox sport. Profiboxer and more exclusively ǣSportboxer. ǣthe HP 2 obtained in weight and speed probably the point victory, admitted Hill after the meeting with a winking. Strong acting and absolute driving joy owing to 113 HP/83 KW with 7.500/min and a weight of only 199kg -. Ergonomic, front wheel-oriented seating position, on 890 mm reduced seat level, tachometers and new headlight lend everyday life fitness to the extroverted Sportboxer. Precise and stable front wheel guidance with Upside down fork of Marzocchi, in the back provides the adjustable ?hlins shock strut with 180mm spring travel for full road-hugging property. Love for the special one shows and underlines Puristi Design with noble details such as tank and lamp lining from carbon or the double-flow Akrapovic exhaust plant particularly manufactured for the Megamoto the exclusive requirement of the youngest member of the HP 2 family.

    Driving joy and easy handling interpret new - BMW HP 2 Megamoto BMW looks forward the dealer to new challengers starting from May 2007 with.

    Motorsports PressClub

    BMW Sauber F1 Team - Test in Sepang - Day 1

    Test in Sepang.
    27th - 29th March 2007
    Day one - Tuesday

    Weather conditions: sunny, hot and humid all day
    Temperatures: Air: 28/37??C, Track: 30/48??C

    Number of cars participating: 10

    Fastest lap overall: 1:36.187 min, Robert Kubica, BMW Sauber F1 Team

    Robert Kubica:
    Chassis / engine: BMW Sauber F1.07-05 / BMW P86/7 V8
    Test kilometres today: 509,956 km (92 laps)
    Fastest lap: 1:36.187 min

    The team's general program for the three days of testing in Sepang includes set-up work for the forthcoming Grand Prix, evaluation of the two tire specifications and some new aero parts. Fine tuning of electronic systems and also checking the cooling systems under extreme heat conditions will also be done. According to the new regulations, the teams can only run one car at the same time.

    With Robert covering more laps than anybody else today, the team enjoyed a very productive test day and completed a substantial part of the program.

    What comes next: Tomorrow, Robert will continue to drive before Nick Heidfeld will take over on Thursday. Robert's program for tomorrow is mainly aero set-up work and more work on the tires for the race.

    BMW MOA Chartered Club:

    Badger Motorcyclists Of Wisconsin, #64


    Willim Lapp
    PO Box 531
    Menasha, WI 54952 US

    1st Thursday each month, 7:30pm, Prime Time, 1150 Valley Rd, Menasha, WI

    Gem??tlichkeit is the warm, comfortable feeling
    one receives from pleasant surroundings and atmosphere.
    I think you will find that when you come here.


    Known as Wisconsin's "Maritime Capitol," Manitowoc celebrates its past and its present as a shipbuilding center with fascinating attractions.

    Ozaukee Washington Daily News

    Fond Du Lac Reporter

    The Sheboygan Press

    Daily Citizen, Beaver Dam


    West Bend WI

    10 Day Forcast

    United States
    National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

    Meteorological Service of Canada

    Travel Information Driving Conditions and other related information sites.

    Bike Candy:

    From] Classic bikes for sale

    Pass the mustard and UP THE REVOLUTION!

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    The Neander Turbo Diesel motorcycle is another new bike getting very close to seeing the light of day in production trim.
    I recall hearing about a diesel bike used by the British military in the UK. I think HD had a hand in production. Anyone else recall any details? The idea was to use one single fuel for all military vehicles.

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    HDT Motorcycles

    Are you thinking of HDT's diesel version based on the KLR650? It was originally developed for the military and was planned to go into civilian production by now. It is used by both US and other NATO forces. It is being used in Afghanistan. Demand from the military has taken all capacity so we wait.
    Pass the mustard and UP THE REVOLUTION!

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    That must be it. No idea where I though HD entered the equation.

    Thanks Mika.

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