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Thread: Lowering the K1200GT seat height

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    From MARS

    Lowering the K1200GT seat height

    We, the wife and I, want a K1200GT between 2000 and 2005 because they are great looking bikes and seem the perfect fit for the kind of riding we like to do, but I am vertically challenged. At 5'7", I need to be able to lower the seat down to about 30". I am sure that I am not the first to want to accomplish this so I am turning to the vast resources of the collective. Is there a way and how much should I expect to pay to accomplish it? Thanks for any advice.

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    Welcome to the Forum Thomas. The most logical answer is to try a 2006-2007 K 1200GT. I have a 29" inseam ( on a good day) and the New model GT is the first BMW that I can actually put both feet on the ground. Most of the other bikes I can only get one foot down(usually the left, that way the right can stay on the rear brake.) It may be more than you want to spend but they sure are nice bikes !
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    I met a guy who let me sit on his GT once, it had a Corbin seat on it and Verholen Barbacks.
    I have a 28" inseam, and it was the first BMW other than a 650 that I could flatfoot. It was amazing. Not sure what type of Corbin it was, but it could be worth a phone call to Corbin to find out.
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    From MARS

    lowering the k1200gt seat height

    Thanks. I'll look into both options. Tom

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