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Thread: Altantis Pro Suit Question

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    Altantis Pro Suit Question

    Tried on the suit this week end. Got my interest! Anyone user comments pro or con. Please share your thoughts? Lots on money, but would hate to learn the hard way.

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    I have a pair of Atlantis pants that I like, although I find myself wearing my nylon stuff more often. I'm not sure what Atlantis Pro is... if it's the same as my just plain "Atlantis." Not having a dealer here, I don't see BMW clothing at all anymore.

    The only thing I don't like about them is that the knee armor is positioned below my knee when I'm standing, and it can't be adjusted higher. Having had a get-off in the past, I know that it's important for armor to stay put over what it's supposed to be protecting. One's leg doesn't stay in the bent riding position as one slides down the road.

    It certainly is sharp-looking gear, though!
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    Thank you Marilyn for the response. The Atlantis product line went Pro at some point, even though there is nothing Pro about it! The "II" and " III" were added with sutile diffrences and cost from year to year.
    I did get a response on another forum. The person who replied stated he had his for 3 years and liked it. He did tell me to think about puting the Gore Tex liner in case of rain. He made it pretty clear that a road side install of the paint liner would be quite a site! Good point made. I struggle with the textile or leather every time I get gear.

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    Atlantis suit

    Everything I get, costs twice as much. (my wife has to have it, too)
    We've had the Atlantis suits for several years and they are the best. My biggest supprise is the temperature variation they can take. Pretty much from freezing to near 100 deg. (I was riding in the inland empire recently and the bank thermometer said 95 and the suit was perfect)

    It's virtually waterproof without the liners, but if it's monsoon, you might need them.

    It's (without a doubt) the nicest looking riding suit you can get.

    good luck.
    the Luz

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