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Thread: Dash Panel Removal

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    Question Dash Panel Removal

    Hi All,
    I thought I may as well ask the experts:
    Bike: 1992 R100R
    Problem: Dash Panel (Instrument Support) Removal.

    On my bike, in order to remove the fork springs or measure the fork oil level, the dash panel and handlebars must be removed or relocated. I always end up spending hours removing the headlight and supporting it over the front fender with a bungee net; then the tach, speedo, and idiot lights; then mess up the ignition switch top ring while trying to pry it away.... . You get the picture.

    Is there an easier way to do this? Remove everthing as one assembly? Let it all hang by the electrical wires?

    Sorry for the wordiness-Thanks to all.

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    I do not think you want to have it hang by the wires as it is bad for the electrical connections.

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    Agreed on electrical connetion consideration . I hoped that someone might know of a technique to remove the three nuts holding the entire dash panel/headlight assembly as one unit.


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