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It is definitely more complex. The complexity would allow for no visible nuts. Below is a cross section. Black is the turn signal stalk, Blue is the U-Bolt, Green is the Bolt from the light, and Red is the short channel. All of the nuts would be in the channel. That is the only advantge, that plus you would not have to remove the turn signals.
OK, I get it now -- interesting idea. The concern I'd have is hanging all the weight of the lights on the turn-signal stalk -- it's only ABS plastic and really not that strong. The way they're currently mounted the weight of the lights is taken up by the steel headlight bracket, which is quite stout and can bear it very easily.

Removing the turn signals, by the way, is very easy. I originally had visions of having to cut and later re-splice the turn signal wires, but found that the wires just unplug inside the signal housing and slide right out. After that it's just a matter of loosening a 19mm nut that holds the turn signal in place. Takes two minutes to remove or replace the turn signal.

In any case, thanks for the suggestion -- it's a clever use of UniStruts to solve a problem. And thanks for taking the time to make the drawing -- it made it much easier to understand.