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Thread: GPS For Under 600$

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    Dirt-Cheep GPS

    I use the Graphic Paper System.
    2012 R1200GS

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    Rally Rat
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    Cheaper than cheap

    I always stop at the Visitor's Center and get those Graphic paper systems for free! If "God" didn't want use to use the old fashioned paper system he would have never invented the clear map pouch on my Wolfman. . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Veg View Post
    I use the Graphic Paper System.
    always my thought on GPS, wanted one, but what they did wasn't worth 600-1000 dollars for me

    but i recently found a 2720 for $309 refurbished

    i like data, and 309 bucks for all that info is a good deal.

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    Here's Mine

    I recently purchased this low cost position sensor set up for my brown K-bike.
    It works pretty well, except when in the vicinity of large metallic masses such as 18 wheel trucks.
    It runs on magnetic waves and requires no batteries or other external power source.
    It can easily be transferred to my other bikes if desired.
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    276C Gets my vote

    I have two of these units and they work great. Their water proof in 3-ft of water for 1-hr. I have a mount for them in each car, 6 different bikes and on my snowmobile. They have never let me down even at -35 degree's. The best prices on GPS's I found was from The 276c is 443.00 right now.

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