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    Question Santa Fe

    Has anyone ever riden the "Enchanted Circle" route near Taos? I have a business trip scheduled during the first week of April and have some free time. My plan was to rent a bike one afternoon and enjoy the scenery. Is this a worthwhile route and do any dealers out there rent? Right now we are in the middle of an ice/snow storm in Philadelphia.

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    Robert, I grew up in Santa Fe and rode all over the area for years. I can't recommend it enough. I haven't rented a bike in NM but if Santa Fe doesn't have one try Albuquerque, Google is your friend. I have a copy of Motorcycle journeys throught the Rocky Mountains by Toby Ballentine that outlines two rides originating in Taos. I recommend the book. PM me if you have any more questions.

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    Been there done that, however I used Taos as a base. It's quite nice for sure and I would gladly ride it again. Don't hold me to this, but from memory I would say the distance around the loop is about 125-150 miles. Plenty of time to stop and take photos or have a meal along the way. From Taos head south on 518 to Mora. At a store in Mora with a mural on the side, make a left on to 434 to Angle Fire. Pick up 64 at Angle Fire and head to Eagles Nest. From Eagles Nest take 38 to Questa and Taos. Should be no big deal to add an extra hour for Santa Fe, but I prefer Taos when on the bike.

    We stopped at a llama farm near Mora that morning
    You might see the llamas out behind us. We had three RT's that day. What a blast !

    My friend's father Lives in Taos and rides the R1 parked there in the front. He's 73 and the Yamaha dealer couldn't believe he came in to buy a sport bike. He's the guy in the yellow shirt. The guy in the orange is his son and wishes he could be in as good as shape as his dad.

    shot near Eagles Nest:

    This place is out by itself on 38 west of Red River. They make home made pies every day and have pretty good espresso drinks to boot. Red River looked like a fun town to hang out in, but we just rode through that day.

    Here's the sign from the road:

    Hope you get a bike. You should be fine on anything you can rent.

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    Welcome Robert

    Yes, do rent a bike for as long as you can manage. There are great roads all around there. I spent a fair bit of time at Los Alamos and rode all the time I was there. Watch out for the elk in the Jemez Mountains though. They are bigger than the deer we have to watch out for around here and every bit as dangerous! Enjoy your ride and don't forget to take pictures and then tell us all about it in the Ride Reports.


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    Go for it!

    This area of New Mexico is absolutely one of my favorite places. I have traveled here many times and have ridden bicycles and clicked the camera shutter around the mountains near Santa Fe. My wife and I will be staying in Santa Fe after leaving the Paonia rally in July. I will be at the Sipapu rally (Barvarian Mountain Weekend) on my K75S this September. The roads are free of traffic for the most part and there are some fairly desolate areas. The loop you mentioned is ~ 86 miles, and it is the focus of an annual bicycle event. I am looking forward to doing it on a motorcycle (should be a bit easier than pedaling). Anyway, don't hesitate to make plans to ride there if you can manage it. You should love it.
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    Santa Fe

    Thanks for all the suggestions. The weather was great for riding; unfortunately our new CEO cut our ride time short due to an unexpected visit. We rented two brand new H-D's from Thunderbird H-D in Albuquerque. I rode a Street Glide while my friend had a Heritage Softail Classic. To put things in perspective, my current ride is a 2004 BMW R1100S. We departed Santa Fe around 1:30 and headed to Taos. Stopped once to take a picture with the snow capped mountains in the background. When we arrived in Taos we were pretty hungry so we ate at Eske's Brew Pub and Restaurant. Great beer and the people were very friendly. It was nearly 4:00 when we left so there was no way we could ride the "Enchanted Circle." We headed back through Carson National Forest on route 518. The vistas were absolutely amazing and the road was very winding with some great elevation changes. I probably didn't have the best bike to fully appreciate our route, that Harley sure is big. We got back to Santa Fe at 6:30 and had some great stories to tell everyone at dinner.
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