So I went for a ride and played with my digital camera for a while.

I love Novato Boulevard, once you get out past San Marin. It's winter here in Northern California, which is our rainy season. It's been raining pretty steadily for the last month or so, so the hills are losing their golden color and turning a shade of green that's so bright it almost makes your eyes hurt.

There was a little traffic, but not much.

The view up off of Marshall - Petaluma Road was nice.

It was almost as nice from one of my favorite spots. This is also on Marshall - Petaluma Road, but you can see the Tomales Bay and Pt. Reyes.

After a while, I came down out of the hills and rode along the Bay.

And continued south on Hwy. 1

When I got home, Tina dragged me out to the grocery store.

It was only 80 miles, but it was 80 fun miles.