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Thread: Battery Tender Plus Question

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    Question Battery Tender Plus Question

    I know this question has been answered before, but I can't recall which Battery tender to use on my gel cell battery(BMW part,not wesco or panasonic etc..)Thanks for the help

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    That topic has been hashed and re-hashed in the Oilhead forums. There are two threads on the page for you to read over.

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    Originally posted by Rich
    That topic has been hashed and re-hashed in the Oilhead forums. There are two threads on the page for you to read over.
    LDSRider, here are the links to make them easier to find

    other thread to read

    another thread
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    I understand BMW says the BT+ does'nt fully charge a gel battery(95%max)but thats good enough for me anyway...They want to sell their charger too and I understand that. I understand their reasoning,but I don't have to agree with it....Just try to find a wiring diagram/scematic for a newer bike at your dealer(s)...ain't gunna happen.....Just like the marketing genius who thinks they should sell bikes and/or cars at a single brand dealership only. I like my bike, but I've been to some really arogant single brand dealers recently. I've been riding Beemers for almost 30 years, and their gettin' a little weird lately......

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    Yuasa sells two chargers, both of which do an excellent job of fully charging the battery types you're concerned with. You can often find the larger one discounted. Here's a link for you.

    Update - Caution...the smaller Yuasa charger terminates the charge at 14.8 volts. This is too high for Gel type batteries. Sorry for the previous misinformation.

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    Thumbs down BMW'S new Battery charger

    I just recently purchased the new Battery Tender model for the GEL batteries and here is what I have experienced. My bike an 03 K1200 LTC has the old style battery, but was told by Bmw Of Atlanta that any future replacements would be of the GEL type. They recommended the new charger for Warranty purposes- go figure? Maybe cause it costs $80.00 dollars, but anyway the charger WILL NOT fully charge my battery even after several days on charge. Needless to say I am disappointed with the results as the only way to get my bike to start without hesitation is to have ridden it and let the bike do it's thing. For those of you out there looking for a charger that will fully charge your battery you may want to look elsewhere, either with the old battery tender or a non bmw brand charger as mentioned in the other posts. I am not impressed with the state of the art charger!!

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