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Thread: Questions for the converted

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    Questions for the converted

    Recently I was having trouble finishing a bike rebuild in time for a ride. My 4yo daughter had to have an operation and time just ran out.

    I decided to hired a F650GS . . . . . .

    Well that was 2 month ago and I cant get the ride out of my head.

    It was very comfortable, plenty of performance and handled the offroad and on road components with absolute ease. I hadnt really considered a F650GS as an option. I had riden a Funduro 650 years ago and wasnt overly impressed. I have had many BMW's over the years. Airheads (Love 'em) and a few oilheads, including R1150GS. Too heavy off road for me . .

    So now I have decided to sell my KTM660 Rallye and have the okay form my wife to buy a F650GS Dakar.

    Questions for the converted is:

    What changes were made when BMW introduced the Twin Spark model?
    Is a single spark with a Fuel Nanny as good?
    Was the ABS always switchable on the F-bikes?

    I will still have my R80G/S, R60/5 and R100 project bike. I think the F650GSD will compliment these nicely.

    Thanks in advance

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    2 plugs!

    I had a '99 F650 and I swore it had two plugs. I am not sure which ones did not have the two plugs? The 2000 models were the last carbs, too(right?). I miss mine. It was indeed a better off roader than my R1100GS, which I had at the same time. The bigger one was better road eater, but the F650 killed the giant, dead out in the dirt! The F650 performed quite well on the road, too for a thumper. I was amazed and traveled far on the smaller F bike, smiling all the way. The only bad issue was the poor mpg's at around 40+ most of the time. The carbs were not the best, compared to the latter injected F650's. Happy Trails, Randy13233

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    Here's a link to the F650 History - it'll explain everything you want to know.

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    There are a bunch of new 650s about to hit the market, too.

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