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Funny how the terms "more reliable" and "maintenance free" are being confused.

Points ignition isn't any more unreliable than electronic ignition; they're more maintenance intensive, and thats all. And when I'm in the middle of Iceland, I'd sooner have points, gravity feed fuel, etc. thank you.

And progress is supposed to benefit me in the way of something...right. So what am I getting in my oilhead that I'm not in my airhead. More MPGs? Not...you just have to know how to tune airheads. More reliablility? Neither of them has left me stranded since I first bought a BMW in 1991.
That is the crux of it. For the large majority of us, the R1200 has not left us stranded either. So, is the added technology a problem? Depends on if you have had issues with it.

For me, the issues I have had with my R1200GS were all pure mechanical, and had nothing to do with new technology.