Well, after 10 years of happy BMW riding I have been very disappointed. I am looking for any suggestions from those familiar with the new CanBus and the automatic ignition disabling system where the ignition recognizes the coded key.

As some of you know, I picked up a new R1200R on Feb 24. I put about 250 miles on it the first day. I then rode it back to the dealer on Feb 28th to pick up my side cases I had ordered, for another 30 miles. This past Saturday, March 3rd, I left the house to go on a ride. I had ridden about 40 miles and stopped to pee. Bike would not start and kept giving the disabled code. Totally helpless. If this new system does not recognize your key, there is absolutely nothing you can do to get the bike started. So I call the dealer as I am about 30 miles away from Greenville, SC. They were there within the hour to pick me up. We get back and hook the bike up to the computer and in the words of the tech, "I can't get it to talk to me". No one at the dealer knows what is going on. Apparently my key somehow lost the identity code. I am very disgruntled to say the least and still no word on what the problem is. Anybody know anymore about this system?