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Thread: Michelin Pilot Road Tires

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    Michelin Pilot Road Tires

    Anyone had these long enough to get a sense of how long they last compared to other tires?
    Frank G.
    Hattiesburg, Mississippi
    2004 R1150RT

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    I love the pilot roads and you do get better milage. When you buy michelins your tire problems are over. Hey, I was born in Hatiesburg in 51 at forest general

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    You wouldn't recognize that hospital now. It's 5 stories and spread out.

    What tires is your mileage better than and by what proportion?
    Frank G.
    Hattiesburg, Mississippi
    2004 R1150RT

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    I got around 7000 miles on metz 's and dunlop 205's and I get around 9000 with the michelin's. You don't need hardly any weight to balance these tires. Metz's require the most weight to balance as any tire I've tried. The Michelin's have a little wine to them at around 52 miles per hour on my bike but hardly noticable. Front tire on my bike has always worn out left of center until I removed the spacer from rear wheel. Wierd uh?

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    Question Dearest Mr. Frank..

    Greetings from up north!! I'm Dan from Wisconsin (now IL)who used to get in your area when I worked for Beloit Corp.

    3 things

    * How you been doing?
    * How do you like your oilhead, compared to the K75RT?
    * I've not run through a complete set of Pilot Roads, but am very happy with the wear at 4K, and I tend to chew up tires pretty fast on my R1100R with hard accelleration and braking. I've tried Bridgestone BT020 (liked em') and I think the Pilot Roads stick better, feel better, and are going to last at least as long, if not more..
    I didn't like the stock tires on the bike (BT50?) and I tried a pair of TX Michelins also, but I wasn't fair to them since I used them for a ride to Colorado and 2000 miles of interstate isn't happy tire conditions..

    I think you'd be very happy with a set of Pilot Roads and the prices from both Southwest Moto Tire and Chapperal have been very good.. I've ridden MEZ4's on a buddies R1100R and didn't really like them. No time on 205's though..
    Why I remember when......

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    Hi Dan,
    I do remember your visits to Hattiesburg. I've been doin' pretty well for an old guy. I got my BMW 100K mile pin last month.

    The R1150RT is a very nice motorcycle. I've added a Cee Bailey shield and Rick Mayer seat. The ride and handling are way better than the K75, and the extra power is nice. The K75 was much smoother at low to moderate speeds (0-70), and the throttle was less abrupt. It was much easier to be smooth on it. The K75RT has slightly better weather protection, but lots more engine heat. The side cases on the K75RT are better shaped for packing. The oilhead engine seems to have smoothed out over time, or I've gotten used to it. At first there seemed to be lots of vibration going up through the gears.

    Thanks for the poop on the tires.
    Frank G.
    Hattiesburg, Mississippi
    2004 R1150RT

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