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Thread: Marc's Visual Alert or H.A.R.D. System

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    Marc's Visual Alert or H.A.R.D. System

    I have a newly acquired Valentine One and will NOT be using ear plugs for the alarm. So I am looking for opinions on whether to purchase Marc's Visual alert ($60) or H.A.R.D. ($160), both in the aero stitch catalog.

    I think the visual cues from each should work well. The advantage to me seems to be the wireless HARD system as it is right close to the eye and easily seen. Marc's is $100 cheaper, but the unit will be mounted near the top of the speedo. Is this a effective as the HARD? I assume the high intensity LEDs of Marc's may make up the difference between the two.

    Any opinions will be welcome.

    I just finished making the mount for the V1 and am quite pleased with it. I welded a bracket behind the speedo and a stalk comes up from be hind it then, with a series of bent brackts it fit nicely beside the tack at about one 0'clock. The Garmin 550 is mounted to the left bar back and I didn't want something else on the other side. I'll post a page soon with the the pictures when the paint dries.
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    I have a Escort 8500 and the H.A.R.D. wireless LED. Just used it for first time this past week . The only complaint I have is you need to turn the helmet receiver OFF at stops. The two 2037 batteries did not last all day on Wednesday . I turned it on about 5AM and noticed no warning about 8 hours and 500 miles later...a real power user IMHO.
    I just got back today from a 350 miler and shut it off during lunch. Was working as we rolled back into Radar Alley by my house a few minutes ago after a 8 hour day. we ran across five LEO's running backroads and it did its job...even though I was NOT speeding!

    Mount the receiver correctly in helmet and you can access switch easily, just another shutdown item at stops longer than a few minutes. I have a Nolan N-102 helmet. The single red dot is very bright and hard to ignore...right in line of sight.
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    H.A.R.D. by a mile.

    I have a Valentine remote display, which apparently is no longer made, mounted to the cowl of my triumph in line with my hard wired power adaptor because I usually put the V1 in the top of my tankbag, impossible to see.

    There is no way the remote display is even close to the visibility of the HARD display.

    FWIW, I was against the audio warning as well. a) it creates a whole new level of cumbersome to add the V1 audio to audio/amp/power, etc. and b) (more importantly) is scared the crap out of me whenever it went off. I find the VISUAL cue much better.

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    Thanks for the tips, guys. I am tired of helmet wires and those hurtin' Etymotics and will be ordering a HARD system to use with my Escort 8500. Looks like I'll have to pay attention on how I set it up in my Nolan, and carry extra batteries.


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