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Thread: Aux. Lights ?????

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    Aux. Lights ?????

    any suggestions on light mounts for 97 RT ? i have piaa 910's from other bike, if i can't use those i'll use 2 pairs of something else. many k's to ride at night

    suggestions welcome, thanks

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    These are good choices for the 910's. One is an over the mirror bracket and one is an under the mirror bracket.

    I personally use the EMP over the mirror mounts. I have been using PIAA 1000 on the brackets and just recently mounted the 910's.


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    I'll second what RT Rider said. The EMP brackets are inexpensive, robust, and fit well. Here's a shot with 910's on them.
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    Originally posted by fish
    I'll second what RT Rider said. The EMP brackets are inexpensive, robust, and fit well. Here's a shot with 910's on them.
    Love those mounts...

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    I had some of these mounts on my RT and found them to be just as Fish said. They were nicely made and Pat Patterson is a very reasonable guy to deal with. I didn't like my 910's on them though. The lenses protrude out from the housing far enough to throw glare from the lights right into my eyes.

    I'm 5'11" and had the seat height set in the middle position. I tried one of those wet & stick face shield solar film strips. I mounted it on the bottom of the face shield; it was cut for the top of the shield and didn't fit well, but it did work to keep out the glare. The solar strip was a pain to use, so I traded in my RT and got a GSAdv. Now, no more glare!
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    I've got the EMP over-mirror brackets with PIAA 510s. The driving lights are very effective and I don't get glare from them. I like the brackets, with just a couple small caveats:

    1. They do not come pre-drilled, so be careful when you lay out the mounting for your lights that the mounting bolts will clear the painted mirror-housing! Measure twice, drill once....!

    2. Mounting the brackets causes the mounting pins for the mirror assembly to change their orientation slightly, just enough for the mirror to be a little bit loose. My fix for this was to apply self-adhesive weatherstripping to the inside of the mirror housing. This keeps the assembly tight. I have also heard that some owners have used o-rings over the pins to accomplish the same thing.

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