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Thread: Motorcycle Trailers

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    This may not be much help, but get in touch with The Chain Gang ( There's a guy in their ranks who knows a guy in San Antonio I think who makes a small trailer that can be disassembled and stored in tight places yet is sturdy enough to haul an RT. It's basically just a long tongue that crosses the axle and has a track for the wheels to sit in, a small hinged section of track that serves as a ramp then folds up, and a few tie-down points and a pair of wheels. Light enough that you don't need a huge truck too.
    The guy who makes them is a high school shop teacher and all proceeds from trailer sales benefit the school.
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    One of my fellow Rolling Thunder chapter members hauls a full dresser Harley on a "Trailer-in-a-Bag." I know nothing, other than that, but, if you're interested, I'll find out for you.


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    Thank you Wordsmyth for all your efforts. That is a great trailer and one I would love to have. I do not have a place to keep a trailer that size and it would mean taking my wife's car out of the garage. I have already moved everything else out for the bike, and she may even go for it if I asked, but I would know I was taking advantage of her. I do take advantage of her but usually the rewards are not parking space for a trailer. Thanks again and great workmanship!

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    Zepper, thanks for the positive comments. I understand fully about the space considerations and not over crowding the carport!

    My route on the trailer is certainly not for everyone. Keep in mind that I had a multipurpose need. At the time I bought that one, I was living in a small town with a large, wooded yard, and I had to make an occasional trip to the landfill. Plus, my travel needs were such that I had other opportunties to put it to use.

    If I were starting from scratch today I would take a different route. I now have a 10' trailer that I used for a while in my business -- it will eventually be configured much like the earlier one. Truth be told, where I am at the moment I have very little need for a trailer to haul the motorycycle, but I hate to get without one and then not have it if I need it. So I will eventually modify the 10 footer and sell the other.

    While I was riding a Wing I met a lot of riders who built trailers from kits obtained at Harbor Freight.

    They dragged them all over the country with all manner of stuff stowed away in the cargo boxes. The running gear is the prime concern, and everyone I knew had great service out of them. I obtained the 3.5' x 4' kit with eight inch wheels and built a cargo trailer.

    Click the link and when you get to the home page, and then use the key word function to search for trailers. You will find several inexpensive models that would be suitable for trailering a motorcycle, and they sell an accessory package specifically for that purpose. If you should go that route, I would suggest the 12" wheels, and I think it is on sale right now.

    Good luck.

    PS: (added via edit) -- Going back to Kbasa's comment, if you only need one a couple of times a year, renting may be the way to go. No storage issues, no maintenance, insurance, theft, or other matters to sweat.
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    Maybe you could become active in a local club and find someone to work out a deal where you and/or a few people pay for a trailer and storage, kinda like a time-share situation.

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    I like the enclosed trailer/storage shed idea.

    I can totally understand your situation having lived in Houston. Luckily for me, they gave me a diploma and I beat feet out of there.

    Here's what I have (yes, I have a BMW AND a trailer)...

    I have a homemade 4x8 flatbed/tiltbed trailer. The plywood deck is bolted (with eyelets) to a frame that tilts for easy loading. For storage, I lean it against a wall in my garage. I bolt two 2x4's (one across the front, one across the back) that hold the weight when it's against the wall (so that it's stable and so one wheel/hub doesn't take all of the stress). I have a 2x4 attached to the garage ceiling (across 3 rafters) with an eyelet on it. I use a puller to hoist the trailer up. I've only used the trailer a couple of times, so it's not all that inconvenient. I'll be adding removeable sides to it this spring to haul mulch/rocks/etc for home landscaping.

    Overall, I only lose about 24" to 30" of the width of my garage, the length of the trailer. I still have room to park 2 cars and the bike and still be able to get anything out (except the trailer) I want without moving something else.

    Having two cars (no trucks), I like having the trailer around as a "rescue vehicle."

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    Thank you for the great message and ideas. Can you believe I have lots of those degrees and I still stay in Houston instead of moving to Colorado? It is hard for me to believe most of the time. I am looking more and more into closed trailers that are obviously hard to hide in the garage but I very much appreciate your advice.

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