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Thread: oil pressure gauge

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    oil pressure gauge

    I have an nos vdo oil pressure gauge that appears to be the same size as my clock in my fairing ( lufmeister)
    thought, hey that would be a cool switch out, I dont want to know what time it is , other then its time to ride, but have no idea what sending unit I can use and if a vdo one will fit in the stock placement, looks real stinkin tight and dont know about the threads.
    any ideas ???
    if the vdo unit wont fit there, looks too big, is there any easy acess point that it will go into ??
    is there another sending unit that is smalle rthat will work/fit
    ( for you young'uns....nos is new old stock....vdo well hope for you now if you dont know)

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    I don't know ... I wanted to put an oil pressure gauge on an old Honda Interceptor superbike that I built for the street, my favourite mechanic said " you really don't want another thing to worry about, do you ? " Just a thought.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CanadianSteve View Post
    I don't know ... " you really don't want another thing to worry about, do you ? " Steve
    IMHO, KNOWING what your oil pressure is frees you from worrying about it. YWMV.

    Isamemon, you might have a relatively easy time doing that. You simply need the proper sending unit for your gauge with the proper thread for your bike. The good news is that AFAIK, motometer, supplier of gauges to BMW, is owned by VDO. Or maybe even your BMW has VDO gauges. With any luck, you can buy a "Y" sending unit that will send both to your OEM oil pressure light and to the gauge. If that isn't possible, you'll have to either give up your idiot light, or do some plumbing to add the gauge sending unit to the mix.
    As for the sending units, chances are good you can find one with the proper size and threads, OEM supplier and all that.

    I have a link, somewhere, to the mother of all VDO distributors. I'll see if I can find it.

    More: This was the place I was thinking of, but you may have a hard time finding a knowlegeable human to talk with. Maybe a better source of information would be found here. Info you'll need to speak VDO-ese: Model/Serial number of your gauge and thread size and pitch of the sending unit recepticle on your bike.

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    Oil Presuure sender, etc.

    Just get the correct range sending unit, and a 45 degree elbow (for the RS fairing). I've used this set-up for 18 years. At the 12 year mark the sending unit started to weep, easily replaced, still works like a charm. VDO threads were perfect mate.
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