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    Camping Information

    Does anyone have the email address of Ted Mayberry? I am looking for information on the Sherpa Camping Area at the 2007 BMWMOA national.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SherpaMayberry View Post
    Keep in mind that you do not want to wait until the last minute to sign up for Sherpa services.

    Sherpa camping is limited to 100 tents (maybe more in '08) and I will sell out early (I already have a few reserved for '07). I turned over 30 people away last year, and will likely turn more away for the upcoming event.

    Also, Sherpa camping won't quite be like hauling your own gear on a future camping trip, as more gear is provided with Sherpa than what most would consider packing on a bike. Most sacrifice a little comfort (pillow, etc) to save packing space on a bike.

    Below: Picture of the Pavilion at the Washington County Fair Park
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    This is from an email I received from Ted.

    Hope it helps.

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